Sunday, September 30, 2007

30 september 2007 - local boutique: frock shop, phinney ridge, seattle

nestled high atop phinney ridge on a precarious corner of 65th street and phinney avenue is the FROCK SHOP. inside you’ll find a bright, inviting and cozy treasure trove of flirty, fun and clever vintage-inspired dresses, separates, jewelry and shoes. local, national and international designers are beautifully showcased at pleasantly affordable prices.

owner suzy fairchild has had extensive experience in the fashion design industry: she trained and worked as a designer for many years in london, designed apparel and accessories for nordstrom, and has created and sold her own exclusive line of handbags and hats. the frock shop will celebrate its one year anniversary next month, as fairchild opened the phinney ridge boutique and online store in october of 2006.

if i were a girl, i’d totally shop here! so fabulous females, rejoice! for more info, check out the website and the frock shop blog.

6500 phinney avenue north
seattle, washington 98103

photos #2,#3,#5 courtesy of suzy fairchild

Friday, September 28, 2007

28 september 2007 - fremont friday, seattle, episode II

casual and cool.
what a gorgeous view from gas works park!

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