Tuesday, August 28, 2007

27 august 2007 - iseeseattle visits victoria, b.c.

victoria, british columbia, is seattle's elegant neighbor to the north. i was completely blown away by the beautiful architecture and sophisticated culture, but the kindness and friendliness of its citizens was what impressed me the most. the street scene was so overflowing with glamorous and fabulously-dressed canadians that i become extremely overwhelmed and exhausted. after taking numerous photographs and realizing that i wasn't going to be able to capture pictures of everyone that i saw, i decided to just stop and go SHOPPING instead. whew.

this week STREET CLASH, the international street fashion blog competition, is featuring victoria versus manchester, england. as victoria is the smallest city participating in this contest, we need to support our canadian friends!

seriously the most charming little boutique.

these two were the nicest, friendliest, most wonderful gals that i happened to meet while having dinner at the ferris oyster bar. as this was my first time in victoria, they had so much helpful and fantastic advice about cool places to visit in the city.

the dinner, by the way, was absolutely FAB.

thanks to the advice of an extremely helpful and cool guy at a gift shop on government street, i discovered THE PATCH. and oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD. THE PATCH. oh my sweet lord, children, this is the most GLORIOUS VINTAGE SHOP I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE!!!!!!! it is vintage shopping NIRVANA. i was in complete and utter EUPHORIA. in my excitement i nearly passed out from hyperventilation as i grabbed bags, scarves, shirts, and belts. it’s like goodwill, redlight and backstage thrift but instead of spending hours sorting through complete junk in order to find those rare treasures, everything in the store is totally hot hot hot hot HOT!!! i was told by a sales clerk that they receive much of their vintage merchandise from toronto. i was praising the fashion gods and i swear i had died and gone to heaven. i just wish i had more time to shop before my #$^&#@* ferry left!!

nearly every taxi cab i saw was a toyota prius! VICTORIA! GIRL! you are TOO COOL! AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!!!

victoria's architecture = magnificent.

ahhh...the perfect ending to a PERFECT day.

719 yates street
victoria, b.c.
phone: 250.384.7070

581 johnson street
victoria, b.c.
phone: 250.380.3528

569 lower johnson street
victoria, b.c.
phone: 250.382.5459

536 yates street
victoria, b.c.
phone: 250.360.1824


nica said...

It's true, those Canadians are overwhelmingly fashionable. It's just a fabulous country all around, really.

I love Victoria, and it's been far too long since I've been back there. Thanks for the memories!

Dropstitch said...

Gorgeous outfits!

Carol said...

Your best post yet! I am loving the blog and check it every day!

_Queenofmaye(annie's friend carol)

Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty pretty pics!

The Vic Chic said...

we love what you're doing here! next time you're in Victoria, look us up!
all the best
vic chic (thevicchic.blogspot.com)

nathalie said...

That is the sweetest post ever!!
I'm so happy you loved Victoria as much as it loved you. I'm also very happy to hear that our wonderful people guided you in great directions. Fab pics also. I'll hae to send you an invite to the Vic Chic launch party that will be happening in the next couple months.
And thanks for your streetclash support.

We love Seattle!!

xx natty - The Vic Chic

stephen said...

I LOVE VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey this is iain in victoria... i work at Still LIfe on Johnson street... right on for coming up to check it out. we love having our friendly liberal neighbors from the south coming up. we have some killer shopping for the size and i would recommend searching out the "victoria modern urban shopping guide" its a little map and guide to the great shopping...

stephen said...

thanks iain!
i'm definitely going to check it out! cheers