Friday, August 17, 2007

16 august 2007 - uptown, seattle

name: rose

occupation: college student

what are you currently listening to?
beck, fred astaire, old björk, b-52’s

where are your favorite places in seattle to shop?
velouria, nordstorm, betsey johnson, goodwill, shirazi

what are the best things about seattle?
you can always be easily entertained and there’s something for everyone

who are your fashion icons?
louise brooks, ann-margret and ginger rogers

what is your favorite piece of clothing?
my vintage red velvet coat

1 comment:

nica said...

I heart everything about Rose's look, especially the purple bag (purple's my favorite color). This is exactly how I would dress if I had any fashion sense whatsoever.

CONGRATS on the blog -- this is amazing! And thanks for the ROOTS plug!!! :D