Sunday, October 14, 2007

13 october 2007 - natalie portman's shaved head, vera project, seattle

opening band sleepy eyes of death.unfortunately their smoke machine set off the fire alarm, causing a forced evacuation of the the building and the fire department to come.

wesafari. glamourlicious.
natalie portman’s shaved head gave an electrifying, enthusiastic and absolutely thrilling performance to a most rapturous and ecstatic crowd. the sizzling beats and the exhilarating energy were completely contagious and the band had the whole audience dancing after being 2 seconds on stage. the sound quality is poor due to my camera, but lord have mercy, LOOK AT THEIR DANCE MOVES!!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!


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miss clickle said...

Man all those guys are so damn spunky!!!
Rockin' the hats and skinny jeans...i love it!
Great coverage!