Friday, October 19, 2007

18 october 2007 - academic attire

look who i bumped into again today! it's smashing ashley! she looks incredible as always!

1. name:

ashley charlotte rose

2. occupation:


3. what are you wearing?

spring dress from anthropologie

4. what are you currently listening to/favorite bands?

i love all kinds of music. right now i especially like punk, hardcore, metal, r & b, shitty pop, pop punk, and dance. anything with a brutal breakdown, beautiful melody, or hook i will be down with. also anything from sweden, especially swedish pop

5. where are your favorite places to shop?

everywhere and anywhere! but if i had to choose ONE place i would have to say H and M, but only because they have smart clothing (inspired by mostly couture collections) for pretty reasonable prices. but i don’t normally like one store to represent my style, so um.... yeah :)

6. favorite local nosh spots?

le pichet downtown has some wonderful and authentic french food and an excellent wine selection. I love to go to the new kowloon in the international district for DIM SUM, chicken feet are my favorite! i have also been known to enjoy a cinnabon or two, or three...

7. what are your favorite things about seattle?

seattle is the most beautiful city in the united states. i have done extensive research and everywhere i have traveled has only made me appreciate seattle all the more.

8. what is/are your favorite piece/s of clothing?

my plain and very small long gold necklace, my glasses and my high waisted black skirt with black suspenders

9. who are your fashion inspirations/icons?

i would have to say that the classic librarian look and anyone that can pull off looking intelligent and sexy at the same time is who i hope to emulate. also my mother, because she is the one who brought to my attention the concept of LESS IS MORE. and myself of course, because an outfit won’t work if you don’t have the confidence to back it up.

10. what are your favorite fashion trends?

over sized cardigans and elegant accessories

11. what are you currently reading?

phantoms of the brain

12. finally, if you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with

my cat, my mascara, and my best friend

the contrasting colors immediately caught my attention, not to mention the fabulous bag! love it!


discothequechic said...

ashely looks absolutely fantastic. I think the tattoo just makes her outfit all the more great.


adell said...


miss clickle said...

Ashley's beautiful. I love her effortless chic!
Cute boots too