Sunday, October 28, 2007

27 october 2007 - halloween madness on capitol hill

capitol hill was overflowing with magnificent halloween madness on the saturday night before the great trick-or-treat holiday.

the musical creators of love and happiness, joy and magic - marching band ORKESTAR ZIRKONIUM - paraded from the cha-cha lounge to rosebud, pony, kincora and linda's in their outrageously fabulous “halloween pub crawl.” they threw the crazed crowds into a frenzy with their intoxicatingly delicious balkan/klezmer/eastern european-inspired dance tunes.

as stated from their website, :

“as a marching band, our desire is to facilitate joyous musical spectacles in unexpected locales. our performances range from the completely unsanctioned to the civically sponsored: we maraud through grocery stores, throw dance parties in fountains and parks, and take over parties as surprise (and, sometimes, invited) guests; we burst uninvited into taverns, play for families at city festivals, provide the soundtrack for underground casinos, and entertain wedding-goers.”

their mad improvisational skills, the insane energy and the total spontenaity of it all contributed to an extremely wild and amazingly exhilarating experience. my lord, children, i haven't had so much fun dancing and celebrating in the streets with hundreds of jubilant (and somewhat sloshed) people in my life. whoo-hoo!


whitenoisestreet said...

These pictures are fantastic. Thank you so much for the welcome! Lezbe friends

stephen said...

yezzz! yezzz! letzzz!!!
yayzzz! hurrayzzz!
stephen! stephen!

numero equivocado said...

HEY! thabks for the comments and for adding us to your links!!!!! yay for international street style!! i loved all the halloween issue pictures! they are awesome! greetings from monterrey