Wednesday, January 16, 2008

u-district, seattle

hot pink gloriousness.


blogazar said...

these photos are REALLY effen awesome.

Anonymous said...

This one looks dreadfully harsh. Not the photo - the subject.

stephen said...

i beg to differ - i think she's smokin'. i love that she has individuality and that she's not amish in the city. you go girl!

Fred The Mole said...

Ah ah
Don't know why I like this look
with fluo hair cut
Shoe style is cool

Fred the Mole

phantom queen said...

wow!! it's perfect!!

NotSpineless said...

Haircut = growing out hair... BLAH

And pink hair isn't original....or unique in Seattle.... Look up much when walking?

Is she pregnant?

stephen said...


here's my wish for you:

i wish to place you into a rocket that is shot into outer space so that every piece of your existence would disappear forever.


jk jk i'm JUST KIDDING!
I would never wish harm upon another person. I'm sure you're a nice person who is just angry at the world because you aren't happy with yourself. I'm so sorry you hate yourself!

sexypeoplezone said...

verrry cool!