Sunday, August 19, 2007

18 august 2007 - capitol hill, seattle

name: jose chacon

occupation: hustler

i'm opening up a shop on september 2, the bait locker! it's my attempt at giving seattle a fashion sanctuary and putting myself through school. for now, it's just cute clothes i've collected, however i am in the process of teaching myself to sew little boy-cut briefs. i hope to start selling them and other friends' designs here soon! i did want to mention that the bait locker will feature panda virus!! they're one of a kind, hand drawn, lysergic nightmares, on a hat by local artist/designer gumby.

what are you currently listening to?

anything sexy.

where are your favorite places in seattle to shop?

the bait locker
located in the heart of brooklyntown
online or by appointment

what are the best things about seattle?


who are your fashion icons?

pete doherty. viktor and rolf. edward enninful.

what is your favorite piece of clothing?

favorite combo:
the skipper hat my mother gave me and my shipwreck shoes

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Anonymous said...

I most certainly like the socks. Then again, i most certainly like the lot. Thanks!