Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 august 2007 - brasilfest, seattle center, seattle

today i went to brasilfest.

she was so sweet.
by the way, feijoada, the brazilian stew, is amazing. however, if you're vegetarian/vegan, then you're out of luck.

i love the colours! (p.s. this shot was aimed poorly due to an ill-timed sneeze that snuck up on me.)

this group was demonstrating capoeira, the brazilian martial art/dance.

love the shoes, the skirt, the handbag, the jacket, and the septum piercing. hot hot hot.

so cool.


CuritibaStreetFashion said...


See you like Brazil, how was the party?
Just added u to my blogroll.


nica said...

LOVE the chick with the purple tunic-y thingy. That is a tunic, right? I am so fashion-challenged. Good thing my fabulous friend Stephen has a bitchin' blog to show me how it's done!!!

nica said...

Also, I have a great vegetarian feijoada recipe! The key is liquid smoke... gives it a smoky meaty flavor without the actual, you know... meat. (Sorry, not fashion-related, but I didn't want your vegematarian readers to feel left out of the Brazilian love!)

stephen said...

curitiba - the party and MUSIC was wild and fun fun fun! it is my deepest desire to visit brasil. obrigado obrigado!

nica - i love you!